Since 2007, we have led the effort to sustain a lean culture in several manufacturing companies, mining companies and health care.  We have been at the forefront of developing many problem solvers and saving companies millions.

Whatever your needs, we have the tools to create a LEAN culture and sustain it within your company.  When flow stops it is costing you money.  We will teach you and your team the tools to improve your flow and increase your profitability.  We will help your team create sustainable systems that will guide your company to True North.

On-Site Assessment, Consulting, Training, Facilitating Kaizen Teams, Coaching, Mentoring

Vision:  To keep our customers at the forefront of their field


We value our customers and people within the BCH Group team.  We value them through integrity, Service, leadership and hard work.


To help our clients develop a lean culture through training, hands-on coaching, education and customized tools to achieve lasting lean leadership through all business teams and all employees.  Our goal is to keep our customers at the forefront of their field by creating a lean culture for daily improvement, empowerment, problem solving and sustainability.   By doing so, our clients will increase profitability, reduce cost, and position themselves to withstand the continuous market challenges, and operate at optimum efficiency, while achieving superior business results.


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